40 Pale Oil

Geneva International sells a complete line of hydrotreated naphthenic base oil products. The naphthenic oils are available in a wide range of viscosities and are typically used in applications such as transformer oil, coolants, solvents, cutting fluids, explosives, tire, rubber, adhesives, plastics and many other lubricant applications.
Test Method Specifications  Typical Value
Viscosity, SUS @ 100F ASTM D2161  42
Viscosity, SUS @ 210F ASTM D2161  31.3
Viscosity’ cSt at  40C ASTM D445 4.0 5.0  4.65
Viscosity’ cSt at 100C ASTM D445  1.55
API Gravity, 60F ASTM D4052  26.8
Specific Gravity, 60F ASTM D4052 0.882 0.898  0.894
Density at 15C ASTM D4052  0.894
Aniline Point, F ASTM D611 135 145  139
Flash Point, F ASTM D93 240  244
Sulfur, PPM ASTM D2622 100  6
Color  Saybolt ASTM D6045 16  24
Color ASTM D6045 0.5  L0.5
Pour Point F ASTM D7346  -50  -70
Refractive Index ASTM D1747  1.485