D-6 Fuel

Quality of D-6 Fuel delivered under contracts should meet the requirements of GOST 305-82, switching, but not limited to requirements of the below-mentioned specifications.
Test Results
Additives Unit ASTM MIN MAX
Density at 15ºC  Kg/t D1298-99 0.8775
Pour Point °C D97 <-33(-36) Below 0
Flash Point °F D93-IP34 137.0
Sulfur %WT D4294 0.38
Viscocity at 50C Mm2/s D445 18.12
Water Content %WT D6304 0.7
Ash %WT D482 1.007
Silicon Mg/Kg D5184 93
Aluminum Mg/Kg D5184 103
Distilled Water Vol% D95 0.70
Carbon Residue %WT D4530.06 1.11
Asphaltenes %WT IP 143 0.08
Calcium Mg/Kg IP 501 779
Vanadium Mg/Kg  IP 501 1
Zinc Mg/Kg  IP 501 298