Minerals Overview

Frac Sand

Frac sand is used to improve production from oil and gas wells, and sometimes pressure is used to fracture the rock formations to allow better flow of the hydrocarbons to the wellbore. When the pressure is removed, however, the fracture that was created closes back up which dramatically diminishes the effectiveness of the fracture.

Frac sand is pumped into the well during the fracturing operation. Since the sand is carried along with the fluid into the fracture, it will remain in the fracture when the pressure is removed, keeping the fracture propped open and allowing a good means by which the hydrocarbons can flow to the wellbore.

Grade Sizes:

  • 20/40
  • 30/50
  • 40/70
  • 100 mesh


Coal source and supply of Thermal Coal with various different Net and Gross Calorific Values. Thermal coal, also known as steam coal, is used for power and heat generation. In electricity generation, thermal coal is ground to a powder and fired into a boiler to produce heat, which in turn converts water into steam. The steam powers a turbine coupled to an alternator, which generates electricity for the power grid. The steam cools down as it turns the turbine generator and is condensed back to pure water, and the process repeats. In modern coal plants, the steam is kept at extreme temperatures and pressures at all times to increase the efficiency of the power plant.
  • High Calorific Coal
  • Medium Calorific Coal
  • Low Calorific Coal


We offer salt in various mesh sizes for a variety of applications
  • Snow and Ice
  • Industrial Application
  • Food Grade


We offer barite ore (lumps) and mesh (generally 200 mesh) API 13A barite for drilling purposes. Below are some of the different grades and monthly quantities available upon request:
  • 4.12+ barite ore up to 40,000 metric tons per month
  • 4.2+ barite ore up to 50,000 metric tons per month
  • 4.1+ and 4.2+ 200 mesh in super sacks can be supplied up to 40,000 metric tons per month of each material
  • We can supply higher amounts if we are given 45-60 days advance notice in order to plan for processing.