Agricultural Products

Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia is a nitrogen fertilizer used on various types of agricultural crops. It is also used as feedstock for producing various other chemicals because of its high nitrogen content. As a fertilizer, it contains 82 percent nitrogen, the most of any common commercial fertilizer.


Humate is highly compressed, natural organic humus, high in humic acid and containing most of the known trace minerals necessary to the development of plant life. Such organic matter imports dark color to soils, favors granulation, enhances root development, increases water retention power and creates chelation processes whereby insoluble matter or elements are gradually released for plant utilization.

Humate contains valuable plant nutritional substances not found in chemical fertilizers such as organic matter, carbon (the source of all plant life), chlorophyll, protein, and humic acid, which through the biochemical process of chelation, make available to plants controlled qualities of nutrients which are normally inert and unavailable to plants.

Humates can be utilized as a soil conditioner, fertilizer and soil supplement. It is also economical to manufacture into humic acid, which can then be added to soil supplements or fertilizers. The continued use of humates in nitrogen depleted soils will create its own nitrogen and minimize losses to evaporation.

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Geneva International supplies grains such as:

  • EXW
  • FCA
  • CPT
  • DAF
  • FOB
  • CIF

Our company also has experience in the export of grain legumes and oilseeds in terms of delivery:


  • FOB (free on board)
  • CIF (destination port)