Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia is a nitrogen fertilizer used on various types of agricultural crops. It is also used as feedstock for producing various other chemicals because of its high nitrogen content. As a fertilizer, it contains 82 percent nitrogen, the most of any common commercial fertilizer. This material is a clear colorless liquid or gas, free from visible impurities.

Anhydrous Ammonia – Premium Grade Product Specification

Purity Requirements*
  • Ammonia Content – 99.995% Maximum
  • Water – 33 ppm Maximum
  • Oil (as soluble in petroleum ether) – 2 ppm Maximum
* Equals or exceeds specifications for Refrigeration and Metallurgical grades. Production plant typical analysis is 99.999%. Exceeds Federal Specification 0-A-445B. Always read and follow the product label and Material Safety Date Sheet (MSDS) that are shipped with each order. The information presented herein is based on data considered to be accurate and that reflects the requirements of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standards in effect as of the date of preparation of this Product Specification Sheet. However, no warranty or representation, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the foregoing data and safety information. In addition, no responsibility can be assumed by vendor for any damage or injury resulting from abnormal use, from any failure to adhere to recommended practices or from any hazards inherent in the nature of the product.